Furnace Filters

Furnace Filters

When was the last time you changed the filter for your heating system?

One of the simplest things you can do to maintain your furnace and reduce the need for a service call is to change the filter per manufacturer’s recommendation.  In the cooler months, we recommend that you change the filter every 90 days in the winter and every 30 days in the summer.  Before you go to the store to buy a new filter, check the size of the one you are currently using to make sure you get the right sized filter.  Too often we are called to a home for a repair and find that the filter being used is the wrong size!  Your furnace may need a 20 X 25 filter and a 20 x 20 filter was installed.  This allows unfiltered air to travel towards the blower motor and blower wheel, which makes this filter application insignificant.  Air will travel the path of least resistance.

slIf you can’t remember the last time you changed the filter, take the time now to check it out.  First, pull out the filter.  If you can’t see through it, it is time for a change.  Next, open the door to your furnace.  If your blower motor looks like the one in the picture you are in immediate need of our service for a furnace cleaning.

Do you hear a loud shaking noise coming from your furnace or maybe even heard throughout the house?

We also want you to look at your blower wheel.  The blower wheel is located in the blower compartment.  Its job is to move air from your return air vent to your supply vent.  When a filter is not changed per manufacturer’s specification, dust will accumulate on the blower fan wheel fins.  This causes an unbalanced blower wheel, which has the potential of shaking itself apart.  This causes damage to motor bearings, brackets that hold the blower motor, and possibly causes an annoying shaking noise throughout your house.  A humidifier will add increased weight to the dust on a blower wheel that rotates at 1100 revolutions per minute (RPM).  This is no different than the tire on your car being unbalanced.  If a tire is unbalanced it will cause your car to shake and destroy the tire. An unbalanced blower wheel can cause many internal issues with your furnace.  For example, one problem caused by a shaking blower wheel is related to the computer board.  The computer board in your furnace is fragile and should not be shook every time the blower motor comes on.  Dust from the blower wheel can also cause the computer board to short circuit itself.  A furnace cleaning can reduce this issue and prolong the life of your furnace.

Call us today at (303) 794-8324 to schedule a furnace cleaning ($149.00) and you may prevent an emergency call for service when you need your furnace the most!  1st Call Heating and Air technicians are here to help you and remember, we do not charge extra fees for evenings and weekend calls!


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