Make your home environment more comfortable with increased water vapor.
Bypass Whole House Humidifiers Denver

Bypass Humidifier

To improve your comfort level, our service technicians are trained to repair and install a humidifier to increase the amount of water vapor in your home. Dry air can cause dry skin conditions, irritate nasal passages and throat, and make your eyes itchy. Ideally, the amount of humidity in your home should be between 30-55%. The size of your home determines which type of humidifier will work best for you.

There are several different types of humidifiers, but the two most common types we work with are a bypass humidifier and a steam humidifier. These humidifiers are connected to the home’s HVAC system, designed to add humidity throughout the house. A bypass humidifier uses the supply and return of a forced air furnace unit to create humidity. The bypass humidifier is mounted above the furnace and air conditioning box on the ductwork. Air is driven from the supply side above the furnace through a 6 inch tube into a compartment where the air picks up moisture and increases the humidity level in your home. In our opinion, a steam humidifier is more effective in humidifying a home when compared to bypass humidifiers. The steam generated humidifier adds steam directly to the supply air that goes into your rooms.

Tip For Our Customers

The humidifier should be turned off during the summer months if air conditioning is being used because air conditioners are designed to reduce indoor humidity. You don’t want to keep adding moisture to the air, just to have your air conditioning unit working to remove the moisture.

Humidifier Repairs & Service

Over a period of time the humidifier pads collect sediment and must be replaced. Our service technicians are trained to service your humidifier if you believe it is not working properly. Occasionally, a water selonoid on the humidifier will be defective and need to be replaced.

Whole House Installation and Replacement

Humidifiers are very beneficial during the winter when home heating systems are in constant use. We recommend two different brands of humidifiers.

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According to the Mayo Clinic, humidifiers can lead to health problems if they aren’t maintained properly or if humidity levels stay too high because a dirty humidifier can breed mold or bacteria. We recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s directions on cleaning and maintaining furnace-mounted humidifiers. If the humidifier contains a tank, do not allow water to stand in the tank for extended periods of time, and keep the water clean. Call us if you have questions or to help you maintain your humidifier. We service the entire Denver Metro area and look forward to hearing from you!

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