Keep Your House Warm This Winter

Keep Your House Warm This Winter

Hire a reliable furnace repair company in Centennial, Aurora, CO

Winters in Colorado can be extremely cold. If you're concerned the furnace in your house is failing, don't wait until it goes out to get expert furnace repair services in Centennial, Aurora, CO. Contact 1st Call Heating & Air today. You can count on us to keep your home warm all winter long.

Call 303-794-8324 now to speak with an HVAC contractor about the furnace in your home.

Details about our furnace services

When you need reliable furnace installation or repair service in Centennial, Aurora, CO, don't choose just any contractor. Make 1st Call Heating & Air your top choice. You can hire us to:

  • Repair your existing furnace
  • Install a new furnace or replace your existing unit
  • Provide preventive maintenance to protect your furnace from future issues

Don't wait any longer to get the expert furnace repair service you need at your home in Centennial, Aurora, CO. Contact 1st Call Heating & Air today to discuss your heating needs with a local pro.

Furnace Tips

  • Newer furnaces are equipped with an LED light, which flashes to tell you the diagnostic issue. This light is located on the computer board where the blower compartment is. In most cases you should not have to remove the doors to see this indicator light. It should be a clear port hole plastic viewing window the size of a half dollar. After viewing the LED indication, remove the door and look at the back of the door for a list of diagnostic codes, or refer to the paperwork for the furnace. Having this information available when you call us is extremely helpful.
  • If your furnace is not working, check your doorbell. The doorbell is powered by the furnace breaker, so if the doorbell doesn't work, check your breaker at the main panel. If this breaker continues to break, call us because this might be a symptom of a larger problem.
  • Check to see if your filter is clean. If not, this may be a possible symptom for your service needs today