After an attempt by another heating company to persuade us to buy a new furnace due to a "possible" leak of carbon monoxide, we were very concerned because no definitive testing had been done. We were referred by our long-time general contractor of many years to a trusted heating specialist for a second opinion. Bill is the owner of 1st Call Heating and Air and came to our house late in the day and with special equipment he determined there was no carbon monoxide leak. He even called on Xcel Energy to come out and verify his findings, which they did. Our furnace was rather old, and we felt it was time to buy a new one, but not because of a suspected carbon monoxide leak. Bill gave us a fair price for the new furnace and installed it the next day. He was very professional and courteous, as well as speedy, and explained everything in a manner which made us very comfortable and satisfied. We highly recommend 1st Call for all your heating and air conditioning needs. It is good to know that there are still people out there with integrity.

Barbara Cowperthwaite

Bill is great! Before coming out he was willing to help me troubleshoot. After spending a good amount of time trying to figure it out myself, I decided to have an expert come take a look. I called Bill back and he came out the same day. As he fixed the issue he walked me through everything. I got my heater fixed and a free lesson in furnace repair. Bill was knowledgeable, friendly, and reasonably priced. I'll definitely use them again!

Breanna King

Yet ANOTHER fantastic experience with 1st Call. They are consistently going above and beyond to keep our AC alive instead of trying to just place new units. ALWAYS responsive and flexible even when we aren't and so honest and affordable. AND they teach us what the issue is instead of just handing us a bill and leaving.

Jake B.

Hadn't thought about the furnace for a while with the early spring we've been having, but woke up to snow outside and a cold house Saturday morning.

With 10 month old twins the urgency of an issue like this goes up a bit. I called 1st Call with the intent of having someone come out to see what the problem was but Bill was able to troubleshoot over the phone and explain exactly what I needed to do.

In all it took longer for me to find the business card than to get the furnace back up and running for no charge and a better understanding of how things work. Bill is awesome!!!

Taylor R.

Furnace failed to stay stay lit. Being a weekend, we figured the costs would be very high. Bill actually called me returning my voicemail. Wow, not one HVAC Company called us back.

I sent Bill a picture of the furnace make, etc. To clarify the job he was planning on and repairs.

However, he knows my type of furnace. He walked me through how to get it to work in 15 seconds! That was my case...

Even if I needed an on-site repair, Bill was available, affordable and ready and willing to help me. He is the kind of business owner that I wish I could have more contact with.

Thank you Sir, I went from facing a very expensive (unknown) fee (always seem to hear horror stories from people about furnace repairs), to a simple fix. My business is now yours.

Tyler T.

So my husband just gave a rave review but they are so good I wanted to chime in as well. Yes, they are fantastic, and like my husband said, very honest and affordable. Bill is a great guy. Whatever happened with that one guy who had the bad review must have been a misunderstanding. After using Bill and his company twice in a few years we can say without a doubt that he and his company are the best. Thanks again. You heated our house and brightened our day. We <3 1st Call

Lisa T.

1st call is the most HONEST ever! I've worked with Bill a couple of times now and he is not only prompt, knowledgeable, and nice, but most of all a man with integrity that runs an honest company. A few years back he diagnosed my problem as a stuck pressure valve, admitted he just blew into the hose, charged me next to nothing, and then sat with me to educate me on how it works so I can solve my own problems in the future... are you kidding me!? That was awesome. Now, I had a water leak that shorted out my motherboard and motor and he once again went out of his way to get it fixed fast and cheap, all while educating me along the way. What a truly great man and his company. Thank you so much!

Russell T.

These guys are awesome! At the time of service I was out of town for military training and my wife was at home with our 8 month old. The furnace stopped blowing warm air and it was about 10 degrees and snowing outside which were dropping temps in our home down in the low 40s. Needless to say that's way to cold for comfort and I was getting worried about my wife and son as well as the chance for pipes to start freezing if it got much colder.

A family member told us about 1st Call with nothing but good things to say about them. Eric with 1st Call came out and fixed our furnace which needed a new high limit switch, filter, and a good cleaning. We were charged as originally quoted by 1st Call which was about 25% of what Patriot-pros quoted (Let me take a moment to say, patriot pros deploys unethical tactics and tried to take advantage of our predicament of needing heat, do not ever call patriot pros located in Castle Rock, Co).

Back to the company that matters, Eric with 1st call was very professional and got our furnace back on its feet in no time. He didn't try to up-sell my wife on needless maintenance or try take advantage of us in our predicament. I will be a 1st Call customer for as long as we live in their service area. Thank you Bill, Steve, and Eric!

Jeff G.

Hands down the best customer service experience we've had in a long time. Our heater went out right before what the weathermen are predicting to be a very cold snow storm. We called Bill at 1st Call and left a message. He called us back within 10 minutes and although he couldn't come out because he was already booked, he took the time to diagnose our problem and walk us through a fix on the phone. He was patient and explained things in a calm and kind manner and then told us to let him know if it worked. It did!!! Our house is warming up from a very chilly 57 degrees and thanks to Bill, I won't have to go to bed wearing my parka!!!!!

Lauren H.

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